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Trying to cure

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United Kingdom

January 27, 2008

 She is perfect, she is delicate, she"s beyond the word.
  Yeah,she's that kind of  girl that any boy wanted.
  In a word, she's everything. Everything the Virgin Mary have all supernatural happened in her body.
  The wonderful body,the wonderful land!
  But most important thing is she doesn't care about u.
  U love her with all ur heart,but she think u need something.
  U wanna move her with  poetry but she think ur insulting her.
  Okay, u said, u choose to leave but she thought ur not brave.
  It dosen't really matter what she said.
  But she still so perfect, so delicate ,still beyond the word.
  And ur becoming older and older like falling sand.

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07:08 AM Jan 27 2008

nabiha joe

nabiha joe

she doesn't care about  u ........................oh

 so , she is pride ...................

 If anyone doesn't care  of u , don't care of him or her

   this  only tip  for u , or for athers ..............  

 preak a leg .......................