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Trying to cure

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United Kingdom

April 11, 2008

Somebody are insulting you, i see it! Somebody are boycotting your

call to the whole citizens of the world, i see it! Somebody are robbing

your torch which signifying the permanent peace, i see it!
 Yes, China, i see it! I seeing you are so lonely. Without the almighty
God , China , you are so lonely. But you are fighting by yourself, in

LONDON anD PARIS, you are fighting alone, yes i seeing it.

 China, i aways stand by your side.

 Stand by your side; I'm your sons and daus; i'm your blood, your

flesh,your bone!

 China, my mom, from now on, we are being insulted together! We are

being boycotted together! we are being robbed together! Until one day
every vally shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made

low; the rough places will be made plain; and the crooked places will

be made straight; and the glory of the Olympic shall be revealed and

all flesh shall see it together!


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06:34 AM Aug 23 2008

jhoana rios

hi my name is jhoana

i am from colombia

it nice to meet you

I want to speak with you

is Interesting

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11:44 AM Apr 11 2008


i surport your concept.in my body .it's bleeding the nation of Chinese .