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Trying to cure

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United Kingdom

December 13, 2008

I was thinking about if it’s worth to write diary. You know I’m not that type of person who can keep some kinds of long-lasting habits. One way or the other, the worst circumstances won’t allow me to hide myself inside.

I’ve been here for a long while, Xi’an ( the northern city of China ) seems far from belongs to me.

I was supposed to be in Chongqing ( the southern city of China) which have plenty of similarities with Louisiana. But my parents thought that stay in such city with a brilliant history could help me be absorbed well inChinese culture, with all the history things infusion you got no reason to avoid.

Xi’an more like a square palace with gray wall all over around. After few weeks since I arrived I found language became my real biggest problem. With all the yellow feature stuffs outside I usually surprise those Chinese folks a lot , the only way to deal with such embarrass is to keep telling them my family story which attracted a lot of Chinese young dudes, they would like to think “ what a hell story !” I guess, still I did countless efforts to convince them that I’m one of them too.

Anyway, I feel damn lonely, you talk to people but it’s always end up with misunderstanding , Chinese people cherish their face , so I dare not to jeopardize their self-esteem.

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