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November 28, 2008

  Recently,I was deeply hit by something.This is my last year of college life.Just like many will-be graduates,I take seriouly of everything,such as campus talk,recruitment and all kinds of interviews.But unluckily,it seems that I always be the losers。 My dreams has been ruined like the bubble cracking in the sun. Once I was such a self-confidence girl,but now I have nothing but disappointment. I cannot help asking myself where  my job is and where my Mr White is .Through talking with my friends, I start to clam down and have a better mood.

  I wanna say something to myself.I think I'll be the winner at last. Just the old saying goes"who laughs last is laughs best.

 I wish many people like me will achieve the final success and get a good job.

10:04 PM Dec 02 2008



Just be optimist towards your life,and go for what you believe in!~  Believe that every day and in every way you'r getting better! Come on!~Wink

09:59 AM Nov 28 2008



who laughs last is laughs best

i'm agree with that...

cozz i'm sure who tried the hardest... who keep on trying will succeed one day....

what u have 2 do is just try a little more.. and you'll find a better job than the others...

gudluck then.. never give up...Wink

January 16, 2008

 I am sitting in the library all the day,but  do nothing at all. Looking outside through the windows,suddenly I find sometimes everything in the world is far from what I think. And what's the worse ,I even don't know the reason and how it forms.For example, a undergraduate makes great efforts to got high mark in each subject,but when he is asked what he wanna do in the future, he keep in silence without no answer. Many undergraduates are faced with the same thing. I advise that you should put down the pen in your hand and just think a minute. Although my specialty is popular in society , each of us are supposed to think about the future.What kind of job really fit for you? What is your interest in ? Never consider the study as a drudgery.And  never  tell yourself: I cann't before you do it .Just think a minute.

04:06 PM Jan 16 2008



hi,nice to meet you

 i agree with you. i have worked for four years,and i think that it is very lucky if we do the job that we like to do and we are good at doing.

best wishes.

 msn: luliguo00@sina.com

05:44 AM Jan 16 2008



hello, i am rita,i am chinese too.

i want to ask u a question,why i often can not open the english chat room in ebaby????

can u tell me why?