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November 28, 2008

  Recently,I was deeply hit by something.This is my last year of college life.Just like many will-be graduates,I take seriouly of everything,such as campus talk,recruitment and all kinds of interviews.But unluckily,it seems that I always be the losers。 My dreams has been ruined like the bubble cracking in the sun. Once I was such a self-confidence girl,but now I have nothing but disappointment. I cannot help asking myself where  my job is and where my Mr White is .Through talking with my friends, I start to clam down and have a better mood.

  I wanna say something to myself.I think I'll be the winner at last. Just the old saying goes"who laughs last is laughs best.

 I wish many people like me will achieve the final success and get a good job.

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10:04 PM Dec 02 2008



Just be optimist towards your life,and go for what you believe in!~  Believe that every day and in every way you'r getting better! Come on!~Wink

09:59 AM Nov 28 2008



who laughs last is laughs best

i'm agree with that...

cozz i'm sure who tried the hardest... who keep on trying will succeed one day....

what u have 2 do is just try a little more.. and you'll find a better job than the others...

gudluck then.. never give up...Wink