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I miss you ''My forever lover''

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March 13, 2008

      It has been half an year when we seperated.You give impressive memories and i'm afraid I won't forget you forever.I'm so missing!What are you doing now.

      I was so happy with you that i've already planed the future life we'll have.Maybe we will live in a beautiful house,bright glass,clean floor and morden furniture.Of course we will have a baby and we bring him together.We may go travelling in weekens or shopping or cooking in house.I don't mind where to go as long as you're beside me.I was so baddly hurt that you left me.I didn't sleep well those night and often sighed at night.Now i'm a little  afraid of falling in love someone.I've expended so much,but i didn't get what i want.Maybe to be single is not bad.Haha!

       Recntly are you OK?Have you found your lover?I'm so missing you.But we won't get back.I just want to send my best wishes to you.Be happy,always!

       And please remember there's some who loves you forr ever.Cry

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