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Puppy Love



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February 5, 2013

A Poem (08)

By: Isynie Sansan

This longing is raging,

Hidden in serenity,

Streamed down all together with time,

While successively slowed down,

Waited for and stocked still in amazement,

Her smile that shot me gently,

Her laughter that was very enticing closely,

Her thin pink lips,

Her beautiful gaze eye balls,

Her curved black eye brows,

Her overripe cheeks,

And her heart integrity.

Infiltrate, deeply rooted in mind,

Lulled into security within the dance of wave,

That keep climbing and sailing through,

Swallowed up every chip of my melted thought,

As if a pinch of dry sand,

That struggled to get loose,

And hoped the cool of a drop affection dew.

Dear God,

The one that turned the heart back and forth,

Heap me up with bubbling over love towards you,

With outpouring of your pity and mercy,

With shiny yearning embrace of you.

Cover me, oh God,

Bring me, oh God,

For forever,

Don’t let me detached from your bond.


Dear God,

Towards you, I can only put my hope,

From you, I knew the main purpose of life,

It’s baseless to say you were not my dream,

It’s underneath your affection and unbelievable love
I could breathe till this time in this way.

Hashim ‘Ashari Chamber  
Monday, 4 February 2013. 8.22 p.m.




January 30, 2013

A Poem (07)

By Isynie Sansan



Lot of times, I had talked clearly to my heart,

I loved her,

And will always keep loving her,

Without any doubts to the feeling I figure this out as love


Even though, my heart obviously rebelled,

Screamed so insanely loud, regretting myself that was too late being a coward,

Audacious less  to say honestly to her whom I loved,

Just buried it,

Faraway down in the depth of heart of mine.


I knew, I couldn’t friend you, like always,

Once in a week, or twice in a month,

I was aware of, many of them who could replace me make you smile,

Color your days.


I acknowledged, sometimes my heart was crushed so badly seeing you with other boys,

Yet I realized it fast,

Who am I for you? That’s still uncertain to own you,

Inaugurate you to be queen of my life, mother for my cute sweethearts.


Within my cold nights,

I enjoyed sensation of loving you,

Admired you without you even ever notice it,

Hoped that beautiful smile dangle and adorn your oval face.


Within my hot noon,

I also was hurt for the poignancy you were suffering,

I worried you so crazy when you were weeping in deeply sorrow,

Felt so heavy to breathe, tight to suck in,

When I lived in one day without your modest smile.


I don’t know how and why,

This love was stuck comfortably inside my heart friending,

Though it has been very long time, I didn’t greet you,

Saw your smile or even listen to your up-high news,

All of them made me more bearing in mind,

How much I do need and hope you.



I hope you nothing to love me back,

Knew you,

Spent my times with you,

Eavesdropped your cheerful laughter and soft voice,

Felt exceeding what I could give to you, ..


For her, secretly I admired

Hashim ‘Ash’ari, 12.45 KSA

January 29, 2013

A Poem (06)

By Isynie Sunni Sansan

You should. ..
Have a huge spirit to do something incredible,
Lots of courage to take a risk,
And highest wish to reach and to dream.

You had better. ..
Made up your mind on what you mean,
On what you want to,
And what you will be.

You are, ..
What you do,
What you see,
What you listen,
What you talk,
So, take care of your attitude.

You . ...
Just keep your promise,
Coz you,
And only you,
Have to be “a man of your word”.

aL- HadDaD Chamber,
Tuesday 02 February '11, 09.25 am.