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January 29, 2013

A Poem (04)

By Isynie Sansan


Delighted night embraced me,

Because of your honest love toward me,

Fresh morning accompanied my days,

Because of your out of border affections for me,

Intensity of noon lighted my efforts,

Because of your out of worth pay attention to measure patience of mine.


Allah.. .

You make me cry for yearning you,

You make me smile for all your given fortunes,  

You make me regret for everything has passed,

You, also the one who makes me dream and enthusiastic,

To face the period attacking forward.


Allah.. .

Desire to make my heart in every single second of its beat only to remember you,

Desire to bring this mind only to think of you,

Desire to wet my lips to always mention your names,

Desire to purpose all my good deeds just because of and for you.


Allah.. .

Forgive me for each nature that often disappoint you,

Forgive me for actions that always betray trusteeship,

Forgive me for myself that often forget you,

Forgive this your servant that was too fascinated by your bliss.


Allah.. .

Bring me together with you to the sky of magnificence,

Feed me with ocean of patience,

Embrace me in sincerity blanket,

Kiss me with your warm love and wise honesty.


Allah.. .

Just you,

And only you,

The one I aim and love,

Always .. .


Hashim ‘Ash’ari chamber

Morning Wednesday, in warm January, 29. 8.04 a.m.

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