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January 29, 2013

A Poem (05)

By Isynie Sansan



I was still waiting for you,

without noticing, you would never come,

I tried to stay calm in patience,

Fertilizing hopes,

While keep praying inside incandescent chest.



You were still the same as before,

Cause me stay in continuous anxiety,

Hurt the heart that I only bestow on behalf of you.



You arrived in a sudden anyway,

With innocent face, regardless your sins,

Did you already forget or you regard no consciousness on yourself?

You repeatedly tear my heart in mortified,

Brought me into depressed, smiled within sadness,

Drawn me in choking sobs weeping.


I wanted to return to what we were once again,

When a simple smile of us was so worthy and never fades,

When you held my hands, that gave me feeling of firm-close shine, stiffening my shoulders,

When the story and life were flowing as they should be,

Without care about time and wealth.


Yea, dude. ..

My heart might be too full of hatred and spites,

Or this heart is exceedingly weak and brittle,

Easily scrapped by ego and ungodly passions.


Forgive me my buddy,

I need to breathe awhile in my solitary,

Truthfully, I require it to settle this my heart,

To keep my broken wings that flying wobbly,

So that I can greet you like ever,

In a friendship that is full of joy and enthusiasm laughing,

Just like our formerly friendship.


Hashim Ash’ari chamber

10.21, 28 January in the sun of desert.  


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