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October 21, 2011

My friends what do you think of Kadafi’s death video ?

I’m talking to the « revolutionaries » what did you guyes gain of torturing his death body if you think that it is a sign of strength than u guys are defenitly wrong and  very wrong

If Kadafi was in your opinions a monster than trust me guys you are far beyond that , u are more than monsters showing the whole world that u guys are rough , we’ll see how rough u are when they start eating you up.  But hey guys you obviously need ceuntries to be conscious  but the misfortune is that even so u guys won’t simply change u are IGNORANT .

On addition , why do you think that american governement left for u ? don’t tell me u guys think that its your right or that she sympathises with you .^_^

But i guess each of u know already the answer but you guys are free to keep pretending being blind  and i hope that u honestly find an answer to my question .   

11:01 AM Oct 25 2011



Its going to be a long way off till  Libya's rehabilitation. 

poor people.... 

09:14 AM Oct 24 2011

Marshall Islands

Those barbaric scenes is a voucher of what the future of Libya is up to

December 15, 2009

I wanted to tell you this for so long but now that you've left this world  is too late right ? i know i know there's no need for you to comppail about it  because i know that you are watching over me up in the sky  it is true that i never had a close relation-ship with you because i lived so far but just the time we've spent together and the wonderful memories of you taking a good care for me is  enough to make me realise how much you mean to me . i know that i finally don't have to keep listening to your heavy jokes  neitheir  being in pain when i say to you "Grand-pa how are you ?" and you answer me " Young girl do i know you ?"  but i just can't seem to smile and say i'm fine  after you leaving this world because i'm feeling like i'm falling apart with this world Cry and i hope that you know how much you are anbd you were importnat to me Cry i will miss you gran-pa and i hope you are  watching me as u always  said .

i love you and i always wanted to tell you that

June 6, 2009

people will ask why would u like to learn english for me i'll say cuz is a language known in the whole world that's why is the best way to get close to other people   and to make new friends and learn new things

06:08 AM Jun 06 2009

Unjust Angle
Saudi Arabia

i'll say 'coz its the world languge these days