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September 23, 2008

   sometimes it is really hard to entertain oneself,especially how.

    i'm not a good guy in everything. why do i think of me this way, i don't know either. maybe that's part of my pessimism troubles me.

   thinking about the bubbles of memory, i would like to be a forgeter, washing away all the ingredients of misery.

   still i was wondering why i am a common guy. i  want to go beyond my life and make it colorful. but acutlly there's no better life than a normal one. we always want a life as exciting as the one in TV play.

   i know very well that loneliness and fear will engulf those who have scceed escaping normal life.

   don't be complaining about anything that bothers you. just face up to it and you will find out the true meaning of life.

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