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August 17, 2008

泰宁大金湖_福建大金湖 在水上一线天里穿行(图)_乐途旅游网

Big Jin Hu county of Tai Ning county

泰宁金湖_福建大金湖 在水上一线天里穿行(图)_乐途旅游网

Sweet Dew Temple is suspended in midair but stands on

Have no the laudatory title having heard of big Jin Hu county "Shui Shang buddha temples " right away before here,accommodating oneself to speaking is that Sweet Dew Temple being "a temple be suspended in midair southward" is praised. If big Jin Hu county are a meaningful US elegant culture woman,this Sweet Dew Temple is her as bright as star deep eye pupil. Since being that "the Shui Shang buddha temple ", is natural is to go on board go to. Look from Shui Shang, that the mountain complies with water taking place , water support Mountain floats, is that the island is not an island.






Big Jin Hu county are that the world geology park , here scenery are unique , fine scenery, makes peopel go sight-seeing here coming enjoying self so much as to forget to go home , welcoming.

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