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September 2, 2008

I really hate being sicky

Got a terrible pain in my tummy

My back was also achy

My head, came lately, but it got the best of the nasty

Although, there are medicines, lucky

Yet I cannot have all kinds of icy

Lose all appetite and felt just nausea

My mind and my strength weakened badly

No matter how much I tried to keep on healthy

For four days the sickness always comes monthly

I didn't mind about all the bloody

I just hate to be feeble, and sometime comes acne

Well, I know I'm such a whiney

It's just a little price to pay to be a lady...Huh.. Frown

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10:25 AM Sep 02 2008



Well, For me, reality is a dynamic thing anyway.

So, whether it is an online community or real life, for me, it's not much different.

Things change (myself included!), and they will keep changing.

Sometime, I prefer to just have some fun witness things. Smile

07:50 AM Sep 02 2008


Russian Federation

I prefer to pay this price to be a lady. BTW it's only phisical part of female human being. to be a real lady the price is much higher!!!!!!!!!!1 However what is to be real in this virtual site?