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October 23, 2008


Well, honestly, it's been disturbing me for some days, about the thread that a lovely girl from my country has raised up; 'What do you think about Thailand and Thai ppl'.

Then, not before long, someone came to give comments insisting that Thailand is a 'country of prostitution'. He was trying to be kind and neutral by using a word 'famous' though..

Excuse me,.. for the sake of choosing proper wording, I think it'd better be 'notorious' instead.

Using a word 'famous' sounds like we have the best quality prostitutes which we should be proud of, like we're proud of our jasmine rice, or our beautiful beach resorts etc. If that so, their service price must be 'much' higher than it really is (the best service or valued product is always expensive, right?).

Well, thanks anyway, for mentioning this issue. It made me spent some good time considering about it, and want to write something.


Unlike in some countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany etc., prostitution in Thailand, in fact, is illegal. Existence of such business in Thailand (which dominant enough to make us 'famous') means every steps of law enforcement have been corrupted, and that involving huge amount of money.


The main reason that we have number of prostitutes is simply because there are many poor people in this country. They lack of education, jobless and hopeless.


While the King's been trying to give us advise on a concept of sufficient economics, businessmen in a shape of politicians have been trying every ways to promote materialism and capitalism in every inches of this country.


- I feel sick every time I see someone praises the ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra (and his Thaksiconomics) for that he was trying to distribute many kinds of development and income to rural people in Thailand. ( I may write about this topic later) -


In fact, Thailand does has many potential resources and man power to make a good progress. Our major problem is, we just lack of politicians with 'fair enough' morality.


BTW, Apart from, 'Prostitution', I thought else 'P' things in Thailand are supposed to catch more attention from the world right now though.

Such as, Political conflict, Protesters, ex-Prime Minister (Thaksin Shinawatra who was convicted of corruption and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. But, now, he is living in exile in England, seeking asylum there, and trying to convince English ppl that he is an innocence, the judgement is politically motivated.), and PPP or People Power Party, a nominee political party of the old Thai Rak Thai party of Mr. ex-Priminister, which is going to be dissolved (again) soon.


Anyway, it seems like Ebaby friends here, especially from Thailand are just ...so kind, so friendly, and don't want to touch these issues.

They are here to be friendly and make lots of friends.

Well, yeah..(why not?),  they perfectly convinced ppl about the slogan; Thailand, land of smile.

Therefore, if I want to be a typical Thai (not a psychotic Thai), I should smile too! 



Ps. No matter what, I always love my country.

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01:13 PM Oct 24 2008


Russian Federation

Hi! Jadd!

it's me agian.

In my eyes the whore is much more important than the jobs of doctors, teacher and scientists.Ladies  of the night  satisfy not only sexual desires but also provide physiciatrical service for their clients. They ease tension and that’s the easiest way of escaping a lot of conflicts and problems in our society. .Sure a State  cannot afford to praise them, cos they should protect moral. In my opinion their public benefit   cannot be appreciate at its true value  Yeah  in general these girls or women sacrifice their values to this job and suffer from it.In my eyes  they fulfill some sacred part and relieve life of other citizens  even without having being asked about it. 

11:32 AM Oct 23 2008


Russian Federation

Every State has its own skeleton in the closet. I believe every country has its own economic and political problems and lack of politicians with good values. Moreover it seems to me that the words ‘ “politics” and “ethic” cannot have anything in common…….

10:59 AM Oct 23 2008



Then we smile at you, too ^-^