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Jarry’s Blog




September 16, 2009

  yes , i like singing ,and often record songs.mostly is cover version, and then i want to share with you . but it's not well , if you don't mind, i will send the mp3 to you . ok? well , if your answer is ok , could you tell me what your e-mail address is ? please~thanks

01:25 PM Apr 28 2010

johnny zacharias gonzales

hi... girl.i'd like to meet you...do you want to be  my friend?.. my email is:blueblood_40@hotmail.com.. please ..... y want to....

11:47 PM Sep 16 2009


hi lovely girl! i'm a chinese girl , too. i think your sounds would be very good,can you send it to me? you are the best, believe in yourself.come on! my MSN is tongly2009@hotmail.com

August 27, 2009

   in fact .recently ,we have Military Training,,oh ..it 's 5 days..

  •    and so hot and tired that my clothes are wet with perspiration.
  •   my foots and legs are very sore..but luckily ,,now, it's only have 3 days ... haha..it is about to end.Cool

August 15, 2009

recently,there are  some people always ask me : "what do you do in the future" in fact , i didn't know how to answer it. so  i am going to think about this question . finally , i think i want to become a pilot. so , i  saw some informations about becoming pilot.wow~ original,i just know pilot is nice ,and don't know it's very very difficult to become a pilot . because if you want to a pilot , you have to do so many request. oh ~ so bad. though i  still want  to be .yes~ it's my dream!Cool