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August 7, 2009

 Hello,friends,i have a trouble . can you help me? Iwas harassed  by some bored people in chatting room,they always say "sexy,can you send me your body?"  Oh,my god ,it's so bad. And i get annoyed. what should i do? ok ,dear friends. I need your help. Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks..

09:18 PM Aug 09 2009

Virgin Islands, U.S.

You might be a pretty girl - your image - and i don't know why those people could act like that, you should find another chatroom like some english chatroom on english baby, men are very kind, u can practice english either. Some stupid people get crazy when see a beautiful girl like you. And the best way is upload a funny picture like mine :))


01:18 AM Aug 08 2009


United Kingdom


I hope you are very well. First of all, you should not be upset with these kinds of behaviours. You may come across lots of impolite people in chat rooms as well as many other places such as school, university etc etc, the best strategy for dealing with them is just to ignore them!!!! It is very easy especially in chat rooms!!! , just close the window and don’t reply at all. It is quit easy as I explained before. Isn’t it ?

I am sure you can find also lots of good boys or girls like yourself to chat with them and hang out.


Take care,


11:41 PM Aug 07 2009



Online men are down, but believe me, I am a good man, my compatriots.

11:35 PM Aug 07 2009


u can really find some nice cute people just like me .  lol  they harassed   u  cuz u r beautiful.  i love ur photo.  take it easy girl.

11:19 PM Aug 07 2009



oh they do the same with me... there are some really idiot people on the chat who are bored and want to have some fun by this... well the best way is to avoid them... i dont know how... but dont give them ur msn adress coz that can be a nightmare... "send me sexy and naked pics baby" "do u have cam?" "wanna see my ***?"oh thats so annoying... but i dont have any suggestions.. if u have luck u can find nice people too :)

August 7, 2009

   Today, i went to chatting room ,and know some foreigns,,,Iam happy..Becuase recently, i saw several Enlish movies ,and fall in love with English. And now , i have chance to speak english  with people what i met,  i  am feel happy!

04:27 PM Aug 07 2009

edvaldo fernando

I am glad youm like the English, is amazing speak english. I'm trying to learn to speak, but I am still not able to speak english well. I hope that one day I can the same impresion.

02:06 PM Aug 07 2009

`·.¸¸.·¯`··._.·No Time For Lov3

Hi jarryben,




iam happy to seen u..nad i wich. we improve our . english toghether... i wich u add my hamody-11@windowslive.c





thank u my sweety.. bye