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South Korea

November 5, 2007

Hi, This is my 1st english blog. Thanks for your visit. Thanks for your congratulation for my blog openning??.  I wish this blog to be a gate to meet friends from all over the world. I live in South Korea. I've been to foreign couries several times. Those are U.S, U.K. Belgium, France, Germany, Thai. Almost for business trip. But unfortunatelly, I have no foreign friends. I like to meet friends from many contries and learn about their countries and histories

I have warm heart. I wish you be my friend.


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11:12 PM Nov 06 2007


good guy! I have many Korean friends. In my heart, Korean guys are very nice.And you are so handsome. Hope we will be friend. Greetings from China.

10:51 PM Nov 05 2007


Hello, Jekim! Is this your first name?

It's great to have you here on ebaby. I hope you'll continue writing your blog (:


And it's great that you have a warm heart - world needs such people! Take care, I wish you a nice week.


Kind regards from Poland!