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October 7, 2007

I want someone...
To come into my life and show me the way
To help me through the struggles of my life
To tell me if I'm making the right decisions

I want someone...
To help me with my emotions

To tell me it's okay to cry and let it out
To translate what I feel into words

I want someone...
To make me a better person
To bring me happiness when I'm down
To understand, even when I don't

I want someone...
To take notice of me when I hide
To watch me when I speak
To remember little things

I want someone...
To care for me when no one else does
To hold me when I want to run
To kiss me when I want to scream

I want someone...
To simply... LOVE ME

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02:28 AM Oct 07 2007



i think that you r looking for a real friend

i invite you to visit my blog and to read my poem titled a forever friend

it's an answer to your poem

take care