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johnSuper Member!

United States

April 4, 2007

Recently I removed some old clothesline poles from my backyard.  They were set in the lawn so I was left with big holes.

I filled the holes with dirt, then added fertilizer and grass seed.  It's been a week, but the grass hasn't started growing yet!

Can anyone help me?  I've been watering the grass seed every day.  Should I put some new soil on top of the seeds?


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10:05 PM Jun 24 2007


Saudi Arabia

 lol XD

you reminded me of the cartoon >>courage the cowardly dog- Journey to the center of nowhere


when the eggplant leader say ''very nice,, this soil is so warm and comfy,, yea,,  Grow baby grow"


 you've  got to see it :p



 bye :)





09:29 PM May 29 2007



John,I think it`s a very interesting job. But I am very puzzeld why you didn`t grow flower but grass.Maybe you want to cover the hole ,and make your  backyard be a grassy meadow .That`s great! In the summer,there are so many grasshoppers jump on the grass.My boyfriend want to grow many green things,it looks like willow,winter jasmine,and so on.Growing is very patient work,wait for long ,and one day you will find green sudden.

07:27 PM May 29 2007

lady patton

hi, the only advise i can give you is that you need to be patient, give the grass time to grow, it`ll do it anyway if you really want to.

10:14 PM May 27 2007


Saudi Arabia

hey John,
if you can't do any thing go to the arboretum that you buy the grass from..
so tell them about what happened to you..

hey John, maybe the grass is kind from some plants which it slow in her growing..

see ya

11:59 PM May 24 2007


john its very good blogTongue out

11:33 AM May 24 2007


United Arab Emirates

Is it a real issue or you use the euphemism  Anyhow, how to make grass grow is really difficult and needs lots of awareness about grass and its kind, beside the soil.  

About your grass, maybe because of the dirt the grass doesn't grow. Even the natural soil environment teems with bacteria, fungus, nematodes, earthworms, and other soil organisms. The dirt may break down grass cuttings and hurt the soil.

11:20 AM May 04 2007



First of all I advice you to dung the place where the grass should grow. You see there can be exhalation of the soil so you should do it undoubtedly. Or fertilize it with some other things. Most likely the ground is "hungry" and you must "feed it on".


07:54 AM Apr 18 2007



the best season for doing that is fall. it's not so dry.  you have to water the grass at least three times a day and you won't see it becase it takes like two weeks