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johnSuper Member!

United States

August 6, 2007


Have you ever been wine tasting?  Many people go to Napa, California to try wines, but Portland is a great place, too.

This weekend my friend took me on a tour of some of the vineyards around Portland.  She knew exactly which ones to visit and taught me about each wine.

It will be a while before I have a good understanding of wine, but after this trip I know this:

- the worse the soil, the harder the plant has to try to produce a grape, and the better the wine tastes

- i like spicy wines

- be ready for some of the wine to taste bad and drink those quickly

- wink at your server and you might get wine for free 

- some vineyards are laid-back and fun and others are stuffy and serious

- darker wines can mean they're dirtier, giving them more flavor

- swirl your wine using only your fingers, not your wrist

- don't spill your wine on your shirt 

- lots of old people go wine tasting

- if you want to impress someone at dinner, order a 2002 oregon pinot - it's the best year ever


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05:56 PM Aug 20 2008



wink at a girl and you might get a kiss for free

wink at your teacher and you might get score for free

wink at god and you might get happiness for free

wink at me and you might get a punch for free

09:35 PM Aug 11 2007



hello, john. I am misty, come from China.Can !Iknow you ?I am interested in your country, and want to make more friends around the world.