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johnSuper Member!

United States

August 13, 2007



I went camping at the coast this weekend.  So nice to leave town and get a little dirty...

I finally gave in and bought a big stove and air mattress for the trip.  We were car camping so why use the backpacking stove and thermarest?  I can tell you the upgrade made life much nicer...

One other thing I learned - check the weather report before you go.  At 3am I woke up to rain on my face and had to put the rain fly up in the wet darkness.  All part of the adventure, I guess, and a good excuse to stay in the tent all the next day...


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12:31 AM Dec 26 2007


my email: wjx6168@126.com.

12:27 AM Dec 26 2007


travel is not bad, it can give us another sense of our life. i'll go to travel one day if possible.hello, john, i'm from china, i want to be your friend to learn english. if you read my words,will you connect with me? how con i connect with you?

02:38 PM Aug 13 2007



For me, I have never thought of going on camping. From the look of it and the picture shown above. it looks great. Maybe I should try it someday with my uselss friends. They're lazy folks.