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johnSuper Member!

United States

May 20, 2010

Here's an interesting project I've been working on. A few months ago I pulled an old pair of jeans out of the closet and saw a big hole in them. The hole was so bad that I decided it needed a patch. And the patch needed to be iron-on so it would be easy to put on. And the iron-on glue needed to be strong so the patch didn't fall off.

I went to the store and couldn't find what I needed so I looked online. I found lots of patches for jeans but they didn't seem strong enough. And they weren't very cool.

So I took an old pair of jeans and cut a square, then found very strong glue for the back. I ironed the patch on my jeans and had the perfect jeans patch.

If you want to see the patches for jeans I made you can visit my site at johnnypatch.com!

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01:33 AM Mar 28 2019



Hi, Johnny. Wow, thank you share your own website with us. Go for it!!!