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Josh K

Josh K


May 12, 2008

This last day have lived inside oven, so feel by the  climate, tempeture is too high, I dont stand this warm, last day have high temperatures, the effect from global warning are begin every day, with big intensity. 

Water and take shower every time, everybody want that, the change climate, high every day, where the world this time?, the hearth is suffering, we are paying that.

everybody are feeling this effects, pay for that reason. See and feel the global warning, the calamity are coming soon, see y feel all that. What God help us, and we help the earth, coz is our home.


have fun 

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06:27 AM Sep 18 2008

Smiling angle

   Ya,many reasons cause the global warming.we should do something that we can do!Come on,Humans have one earth.~~

06:17 AM May 19 2008



hi a cute guy  thx for the adding

nice to be your friend .. take care

mm.. and your profile very nice


10:48 AM May 13 2008


I've searched a lot about the Global warming just now for my assignment! And i like your words toward it!