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Josh K

Josh K


November 7, 2007

it's incredible I'v got people add in my friends list, I dont wait that, I remember I start in ebaby was i only me, it's cool, nice, really i dont say, peoples from differents places of world, I dont see personaly, but I have true friend near of me too, my family, i can see, next to me, Thank buddy join with me, acept like ur friend, really i dont wait it.

Maybe I cant see, touch ur hands, be near of me, watch personaly, but I consider my friends, I love like friends, maybe dont write me or never gonna to see them, I appreacite who love me or hate me, I wish everybody the best. 

Maybe they are not near from me, when I need someone in bad times, but always have someone near of me, since I born, been in bad and good time, He has been my best friend, he has been with me alway next to me, He is ur friend too, He is Jesus, He is faithful friend

Jesus is best friend, I have had always next to me, He love u. He died for u, never spurn someone want be ur friend, It's not easy find true friend.

thx for all   

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