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December 18, 2008

Cool ...HI...Cool

 I'm lerning english now and think that mixing things you like with study is one way easy for All .


for example, i love anime and usually i get movies and series from internet and its common finding this kind of enterteinment in english.


So in many times i get "catched" by the history and go to dictionary or translator to understand better the situation.


Maybe it's happen to other people who likes anime and this could be a good topic to practice english.


What do yuo think about this?



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02:39 PM Dec 18 2008


yes anime is a good way to learn english as well =)

i watch anime alot (Samurai X  is my corrently favorite :P) 

even it is dublate in portuguese, i had seen other animes in english and it teaches alot, because you can understand +/- and know how to form words and sentences and you listen to the accent and pronounce ;P