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August 6, 2012

to learn english you should practice
if you don't practice english tell me how you will be able to hear and understand and even talk with others

best solution it's to start speaking
this's my skype ID: Justinjean3

add me we can practice english via mic togather

and you can put your own skype name here to let other people add you too

you can do it pelieve me

just start now

July 17, 2012

i spend long time looking for best solution and best ways to learn this beautiful language ...
and now may I know the best solution

"if you want speak english you have to speak it" !!!!

=) if you want learn english you must to talk english long time

don't be away englsh because you afraid make mistakes

never mind make mistakes all time because, day after day you will get better

but if you kept silence you will never learn

So let's talk english via mic on Skype

this's my skype ID: justinjean3

every one add me and add other skypes of other people if it found

and write us your skypeID

plz help yourself and help others

don't make it joke try to be useful :)