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March 13, 2008

  • last week i  went to the  theatre.
  • i had a very good seat.
  • the play was very interesting .
  • i did not enjoy it .
  • a young man and a young women were sittingbehind me.
  • they were talking loudly .
  • i got very angry.
  • i could not hear the actors.
  • i turned round
  • i lookedat the man and the woman angrily
  • they did not play any attention
  • in the end .
  • i could not bear it
  • i turned round again
  • i can't hear a word !" i  said  angrily
  • it's none of your business."the young man said rudely ."this is a private conversation!"

01:26 AM Mar 15 2008



ha~~ it's a joke

November 28, 2007

I believe that everything is possible.
The day will only give what you put into it.

If you wake in a miserable mood and don't do anything to change it,
then the whole day will be miserable.

However,if you wake in a positive mood and use it productively
then the whole day will be full of creation and success.

12:19 AM Nov 29 2007


that's great.

have fun