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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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February 4, 2013

Norooz Festival ™

The Iranian / Persian new year celebration, a celebration held by all people of Persian heritage. Norooz Festival is an annual celebration of the Persian way of life with the arrival of spring. As the flowers blossom & the trees come to life again this festival takes over the city bringing joy and celebration of a new year to all.




11:42 AM Feb 16 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


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January 25, 2013

From time to use it because of work, the price of success.

Use the time to think, because thinking is the source of power.

Use the time for fun, because fun is the secret of eternal youth.

Use your time to study because of the source of wisdom and knowledge.

Use of your friendship, because friendship is the road to happiness.

Use the time for love, because love is the joy of life.

Use the time to laugh because laughter is the soul of music.

04:21 AM Jan 27 2013


That's true .. 

Friendship is a road of happiness, in some cases. :)

January 1, 2013

Trust is like a mirror you can fix it if it’s broken

But you can see the cracks in the reflection.