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January 28, 2008

well i mean i really learn something from it

first of all,collaboration.in another,teamplay.teamplay plays an important part in the sport of f1.when you first see the game,you may think there are only some drivers driving their cars ,it is the driver who gets championship points for the team.if you think that way, you are totally wrong.to tell the truth,i used to think so,and just pay attention to the drivers.but soon i learnt that the pit crews are as important as the driver.dressed in overalls,they seem not to be very special,but when the cars need to get partol or change the rubbers,you can see how they work.their work, i'd say ,is brilliant!those pit crews know exactly what they need to do,and they can finish their job within 8s.because in f1,every seconds count,so they all try their best to help the drivers save time.if  they make a small mistake,these work can be very time-consuming and troublesome.so they must collaborate,i mean the pit crews and the driver.to do this ,teamspirit is crucial.also,there are ususally 2 drivers in a team,the relation between the two driver is kind of complex;on the one hand ,they need to work together and help each other to get more championship points for the team;on the other hand,they are rivals,because there is only one driver can be the final driver champion--who does't want it?so how to deal with teammate  is an important lesson for the drivers to learn,especially the drivers who possess the ability to win the champion.in 2007,MC's two driver,Fernando Alonso and Hamilton didn't get along very well(in fact,they almost regard each other as enermy!)everyone can see the consequence.but Ferrari's two drivers get along very well;last year at Brazilian grand prix,if Massa didn't help Kimi,Kimi would have failed.so as you can see,teamplay is very important--very crucial,indeed--in F1.and i think i really learn something about it from F1.

January 26, 2008


today i want to talk about my favorite sport.i can play badminton quite well,but my favorite sport isn't it.it is a kind of sport that i  can't play it myself.take a wild guess ,what is that?it is formula 1.

formula 1,a more common name is f1,is a kind of car race.but ,it is quite special.there are many differencesbetween f1 and other kind of car races,the biggest difference,however,is the speed.f1 is for very high speed cars.the cars which can enter this game,must poccess the highest speed.just see the teams in f1:MClaren,( BENZ provide them with engines),Ferrari,BMW```you can see how amazing this game must be!

i first watch f1 game in 2005.when i first saw f1 race, i was completely obsessed by it!love at the first sight ,maybe.well,i thougt to myself,how cool these cars are~and how brilliant the drivers must be for they can drive the cars at such an incredable speed ,and move so fluidly,just like they are dancing with the  cars!don't laugh at me.if you see the game,you will have the same felling~that's why i fall in love with this game:cool!but as i dug deeper,i find much more```

06:04 AM Jan 26 2008



Your English is very very good !

I think I should study English hard !

January 26, 2008

hi everyone!this is my first english blog~i have had 2 blogs but they are written in chinese.so i decide to start a total english blog.on the one hand i hope to find more friend by this,on the other hand ,i want to practice my english.if you read my blog and interested in making friends with me,leave messages please~

                                                          a fish called zoe

05:33 AM Jan 26 2008


ok ,your english is very good ,and i am very pleasand to read your blog,i am peter,i want to make friends with you.thanks!