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crazy things




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September 9, 2007

<><>What do you thinks to : 





....faith in God

....Devil(if you believe him)




08:03 AM Jul 01 2009

gaston gasolero

you know a lot of lenguages,it`s fantastic!

do u have an email or skype?

if you want,you can add me: carlosgastonbarros@hotmail.com


see you...

05:48 AM Jun 20 2008



thank you for add me. thise is my msn to mora communication:   amtdi-2008@hotmail.com    ok take care

April 28, 2007

<>After a passage of review of various type of breast ,the italian sex therapist Piero Lorenzoni delivers us fruits of his inquiry:

<>in pear,in apple or in lemon the shape of bosoms would determine the character's woman!Too much imagination the guy!

  • Melon: If you have two big melons on the place of bosoms ,you are greedy,you like to eat.You are rather spoiled a,d you find your place under coverconcerned the sex in your cocoon.Finally,you are not too much !
  • Smile
  • Lemon: With your breast in the form of lemon  you would  not be a small scamp ,you?tried and tested but a little bit stubborn...You dream about only about stability and about balance! And about sex ,don't worry ,you are open minded.
  •   Tongue out 
  • Pineaple: Have you oval breast? They look like Pineaples?You are an cclever girl and you dedicate a lot of time to your work but you know also how  to be very romantic when one needs!Cool
    <>Grapefruit: The girls who have breast of form of grapefruit like dresses sexy and they like emphasizing with provocating dresses.And nevertheless it is the feelings and the family which they take place in pip Kiss
  • Orange: In orange's form: No luck! You don't have sexual desire and no fantasies either...And"cherry's cake(if we can say),you are an emotional girl thus rather shitting!Yell
  • Cherry: Smalls breats are like cherries.They are funny,pleasant and clever girls.They are alson good partners  and have a heathly relation with the sex
  • <>Pear: Finally girls who have breasts in form's pear(the majority according to a previous study)are prudish,bad in their skin but all the same opened to any proposition side sex.
  • Cool
  •  Obviously,even if it is a true by a true sex therapist     (it's a little crazy,ok!),the results are not to be taken literally!By mixing a little apple  and cherry ,you should arrive at a good mixture all the same !