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Trinidad and Tobago

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September 24, 2007

So my spanish assignment has been to discuss,

"Lo mas constante en la vida es el cambio"

Pero yo no estoy de acuerda con eso.

Yo creo que aunque muchas cosas cambio, la essencia d no han cambio.

Yo se ahora que yo quiza decir en la classe en miercoles

"1990... will we ever learn
Or will our children keep running and running
until the end of time
1990... will hands of love ever reach out
Or will they be there just to strengthen the crime?
It is strange that the more we change, rearrange
Everything still feels the same
As we move into the next century
1990... please make a liar of me"


September 20, 2007

I have never really looked at the lessons at this site, since I already have a programme to teach. But in my own language learning endeavours I must say blogs are a wonderful medium.

This week my topic to prepare for Spanish is the only constant is change- Lo unico constante es el cambio.- Discuss

So I am doing the easy way. Google phrase in blogs.

Read what others have said, my reading level is way higher than my speaking or writing level.

But after I have made my notes, I should be able to have a half decent stab at it.

If anyone wants to leave a comment in Spanish or otherwise feel free. 

07:51 PM Oct 10 2007


Hi Kochin

very nice to meet you, and

How are you ?

well, thanks for answering my question, making a sentence by using coup;

I think it's a hard word and we use it only in some situation.

Here I also have a question about your essay, I am not able to guess the meaning of the sentence," I should be able to have a half decent stab at it"

would you please tell me in detail ?

 Thanks a lot

Have a good nite


September 18, 2007

I knew a man. He had one hand.

He took a plane and went to Spain.

He came back from Spain in a lot of pain.

So he said, "I will never go Spain again." 

09:02 PM Sep 19 2007



Hi Kochin,

Nice verse. I like its sound and temperament although I don't know what the poor man experienced in Spain (aka Espanol in Spanish).

I am Gigi, not from Spain but from Thailand. I actually found your name next to my comment on "your country" by another E member. Your comment intrigues me.

 I read news about Chavez, the US, Bush and his US and many politic news around the world. I am not an expert, I am just interested in these topics. 

 I feel lucky to hear from a person who may want to share what's going on from his countries that  the media, mostly western ones, sometimes present not-quite-true or mixed up stories. And Inhope we can exchange or discuss on various topics.

By the way, I used to take courses in Spanish and still have some basic knowledge to share, if u'd like to.




08:45 PM Sep 19 2007




08:45 PM Sep 19 2007