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Build a New Universe by Seeking the Truth

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Learner of Life


August 11, 2011

It's strange to be here in this wild world. Like the lost soul, I find myself among the strangers. Wanna try to introduce myself, but who am I to be known by them. With their unfamiliar words for me, I just try to figure out what they are talking about. However, nothing I understand, just their smiling faces that show me the bright side of this world.

Sometimes, I'm scared for the views depicted accross my mind. What is this, the path I have to go? The place looks common for me, but the surronding is something new for me. Is it my place where I have been born for the second time?

Hhhh.... I take a deep breath staring at the ground where I'm standing at the moment. How could I know what is kept along the way if I never take a single step to move forward? Then, with smiling face I look at the bridge built in front of me. Ya Allah.... if this is the way You are pleased with, let me through this way by You beside me.

Ya Allah... This is my way, my way of life that I have chosen. Nobody force me to take this way except the wishper of You to take my part as I am created in this world to worship You. Wherever I go... Whatever I do... I know  You will never leave me alone as long as Your ridho and satisfaction that I look for.

This world is wild, but be brave to face this world by love of Allah given for you that nobody else can give it more than His. Be steadfast in your faith by knowing that Allah has prepared the best thing for those who take His path according to His guidance. Be an Allah's servant as what He wants you to be!

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View all entries from Build a New Universe by Seeking the Truth >

05:14 AM Oct 05 2011

Learner of Life

Thank you dear Asma for sharing your experience and for your caring :) About my study, I just have to do more effort to through the hard moments in my study. By Allah's help insya'Allah everything will be OK :) >>> Death-note Thank you for your comment. Such a wise words... :)

09:57 PM Oct 02 2011



dear. i am familer with your feeling ..just woudering and don't know how to do next.wanna prove to someone that i am the best .where .there ia a way, there is a will..just keep moving and be brave .Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.Wink

to lead a better life.


04:33 PM Sep 28 2011

Saudi Arabia

u know aliya i was lov to write when i was a teenage, it was one of my ways to express myself. ofcourse it was for me..u know the nature of that phase of life..everything was possible & everything was holding a promise in a beautiful future..so many dreams & unknown feelings. by years passing this became little & now its rarly i write anything.

maybe one day i will try to practice it & try to improve it.

thank u dear

how study is with u now? i didnt forget that :), do ur best dear

04:00 AM Sep 28 2011

Learner of Life

Thank you for your support.

I feel that I don't have talent in writing, especially in English.

However, well! I don't give up in trying to improve my writing skill getting better.

Now, writing becomes one of my hobbies. Smile

You should try it by yourself too dear... really it will give you such pleasure and you can understand yourself better when you can express your thought and feeling Smile

Moreover, I know your study is in English literature, so it will help you more to write better in English than me. Smile

As I also ever said to you, your words are deep and meaningful and I like any word you write... I'm waiting one day u will write and show it to me! Wink

10:28 AM Sep 27 2011

Saudi Arabia

these are so good words..thank u to share it & keep writing dear..u have a special gift in that.

u express what i feel when u express urs..mostly, and i feel ok when someone can say what i want & feel.