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Learner of Life


August 20, 2011

Every second in our life, we are faced by two choices to do or not to do.... to do this or to do that... Well! maybe there are other alternatives too, but in general we will meet two choices needing our decision to chose one of them. It seems simple thing, just chose it and let go by it... However, have we ever thought that any choice we made has its own consequence in hereafter? Hence, It's not always as easy as what we imagine to chose something we will do. Next... maybe we have understood that any choice has its own risk, but what happens in the reality is most of us just think of the risk of our deed in this world, without trying to involve it with the consequences we will get in the next life, in the hereafter.

It becomes important thing for muslims to be careful in choosing of deeds they will do because any choice they made will give influence toward their life in akhirat. Allah has created us perfectly and completely. Through Rasulullah SAW who brings Al Qur'an as the real guidance for people during their life in this world, Allah has shown which way that will bring to the successful and which way that will bring to the failure. Allah stated in the Qur'an that: "And pointed out to him the two conspicuous ways? (the right way and the wrong way)" (Al Balad 90 : 10)

It's clear that in this life, we have to chose one of the ways that has been pointed out by Allah for us. If we follow His guidance, we will find the real way... the way of Allah that insha'Allah will bring us to the real successful not only in this world, but also in hereafter as our last destination.

The first thing that people should build in their life is to find who their God is. When they use the right way to find their faith, they will find that Al Khaliq (The Creator) who deserves to be worshiped is Allah. After that, of course they need to keep learning and trying to understand rules from Him how they should be during their life. Learning deeply about Islam will lead them to find the essence of this life... where they come from, what  is their life in this world for and where they will return after life in this world. Then, the most important thing is to apply what they have understood in this life.

Believer muslims will find that the purpose of they are created in this world is to worship Allah. That is why any deed they do should be oriented to get Allah's sake. It might fall in vain when they do deeds that against Allah's rules or when it's not dedicated to worship Him. This is because two requirements how a deed will be accepted by Allah is when it's right according to Allah's rules (showab) and it's oriented to get Allah's ridho. Both of them have to be there anytime a muslim does something. 

In this case, faith for a muslim be a precious thing in his life. By his faith, it will control  his deeds to keep walking in Allah's way. Besides it, his faith will make him be careful in choosing what deed he should do. He not only thinks about the effects of his deeds in this world, but also the effects of those in hereafter. 

Here are steps that a muslim should follow before he does his deed:
1. Thinking before acting.

Thinking of whether his deed is right or wrong according to Allah's rules. So, a muslim should know the law of any deed he will do because there is no deed that has no rule in Islam. Each of deeds according to Islam has a law whether it's fardh (obligation), sunnah(ordered to be done), mubah (there is choice whether do it or not), makhruh(ordered not to do), or haraam (forbidden).

2. Knowing the purpose of what he wants to get from his deeds.

The purpose here is the value that someone wants to get from his deed. Doing something without a purpose could lead it go in vain. Some kinds of values in a deed  are the value of material, akhlaq (moral), humanity, religious, etc. When someone does something, one of those values will be the purpose of his deed. For example, someone works to get the value of material. In this case, he can't reach two or more values from his deed atlhough it's possible for him to be honest in his work as one of shapes the value of akhlaq. However in here, working contains the value of material. From this example, it will make us understand that the value that will be reached in doing something is different from motivation of why someone do it.

3. His deed is based on his faith to Allah.

Whenever and wherever a muslim wants to do a deed, he has to build his deed based on the view of life that his deed will be the mediator to gain Allah's sake. He does something because it's ordered by Allah and he leaves something because it's forbidden by Allah.

By those basics, a muslim won't think that what he does in this world is just a game without any consequences. Nevertheless, he will think that this life is serious. It will give consequence paradise or heaven in hereafter. So by that, he will be careful to chose deeds they will do. This is because when his choice is right, it will lead him to the happiness and success in this world and hereafter, but when his choice is wrong it will lead him to the misery and failure of life in this world n hereafter. 

May Allah guide us to chose deeds that will lead us to get the real happiness and success in Allah's path. ameen...

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03:47 AM Aug 21 2011

Learner of Life

Thanks Kate...

btw, what is the meaning of "Bardzo serdecznie Cię pozdrawiam!" ? :)

01:53 AM Aug 21 2011



Beautiful words.

Bardzo serdecznie Cię pozdrawiam!