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Learner of Life


December 4, 2011

If The Prophet Muhammad visited you,
Just for a day or two.
If he came unexpectedly,
I wonder what you'd do.

Oh, I know you'd give your nicest room,
To such an honored guest,
And all the food you'd serve to him,
Would be your very best,

And you would keep assuring him,
you're glad to have him there,
That serving him in your home,
Is a joy beyond compare.

BUT ...

When you see him coming,
Would you meet him at the door,
With arms outstretched in welcome,
To your visitor?

OR ...
Would you have to change your clothes
Before you let him in ?
Or hide some magazines
And put the Quran where they had been ?

Would you still watch R-rated movies,
On your TV set ?
Or would you rush to switch it off,
Before He gets upset ?

Would you turn off the radio,
And hope He hadn't heard ?
And wish you hadn't uttered,
That last loud, hasty word ?

Would you hide away your music,
And instead take Hadith books out ?
Could you let him walk right in,
or would you rush about ?

AND, I wonder ...
If the Prophet spent A day or two with you,
Would you go right on doing
The things you always do ?

Would you go right on saying
The things you always say ?
Would life for you continue
As it does from day to day ?

Would your family conversation
Keep up its usual pace ?
And would you find it hard each meal
To say a table grace ?

Would you keep up each every prayer
Without putting on a frown ?
And would you always jump up early
For prayers at dawn ?

Would you sing the songs you always sing
And read the books you read ?
And let him know the things on which
your mind and spirit feed ?

Would you take the prophet with you
Everywhere you plan to go ?
Or, would you, maybe, change your plans,
Just for a day or so ?

Would you be glad to have him meet
your very closest friends?
Or, would you hope they'd stay away
Until his visit ends?
Would you be glad to have him stay
Forever on and on?

OR ...
Would you sigh with great relief,
When he at last was gone ?

It might be interesting to know
The things that you would do
If the Prophet Muhammad, in person,
came to spend some time with you.


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View all entries from Build a New Universe by Seeking the Truth >

04:39 PM Dec 16 2011

Learner of Life

Wa'alaikum salam...

I'm fine. Alhamdulillah. Thank u. I hope so for u.

Thank you very much for the explanation... it's so kind of u....

In real, the mosque must be more wonderful than what I have seen in the picture.

03:09 AM Dec 14 2011



Salam, how are u?

    you know a mosque is a mosque a place where we worship Allah Aaza Wajal...what is unique about this one....it is buit in a very calm wonderful location where you will really sense the beauty of nature ....and u'll be astonished and amazed by the sea particullary at sunset .....by the way it is called .."Hassan second mosque" , hassan2 was the ex-king of morocco...and now his son is the king  "Mohamed sixth" .....another fact about this mosque is that every Moroccan family contributed in its construction because it was very costy........take care

04:42 PM Dec 07 2011

Learner of Life

That's true, brother...!

Jazakallah for enjoining each other...

10:40 AM Dec 06 2011



  Ameen....yeah he is the example and the model that we should follow in order to live the best life we can live....He(peace be upon him) changed the course of histroy thanks to what almaighty Allah has reaveld upon him......we should be proud that we are among his ummah.

05:11 AM Dec 05 2011

Learner of Life

wa'alaikum salam brother...

well! It's the nice one.

We as his ummah can't see him. However his love to his ummah is so deep and he always wish for us take the true path as what he taught for us.

Rasulullah is the best model for muslims ever... Hopefully we can apply what he gave for us, the true from Allah...

and hopefully we meet him in the hereafter...  ameen...

12:30 PM Dec 04 2011



     Nice words ..thanks for sharing this "poem" ...actually i long for seeing him (peace be upon him) in my dream...unfortuna.. we are too far from the teaching of our religion .....Salam.