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Learner of Life


December 19, 2011

A life I think is full of hope,

Is turned in to something to just help me cope,

With all the lies and stares,

All I can do is just try not to care,

But deep inside I feel it over flowing,

All the anger, tears, and sorrow,

Trying to keep it to myself,

Is harder then any thing else,

But if i let it go,

I will hurt way more then,

So I’ll keep it to myself,

Put my head down and take it all,

Cause one day I will look up,

What I’ll see,

A better Life,

One with no anger, tears, or sorrow,

One with a hopeful tomorrow,

When that happens I’ll hold my head up,

I’ll know that nothing will hold me down,

So until that day comes,

I’ll keep going,

Keep moving on,

Until that wonderful day comes along!

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View all entries from Build a New Universe by Seeking the Truth >

06:22 PM Dec 21 2011

Learner of Life

I hope...

thank u very much.... ^_

12:32 PM Dec 19 2011


Russian Federation

And this wonderful day will come.

I'm sending you a piece of courage, a piece of strength and a piece of love. For you dear friend. Thank-you.