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Build a New Universe by Seeking the Truth

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Learner of Life


January 20, 2012

I found myself wondering about the life I lived. In that time, for me, life seemed to be so meaningless and flowed away without my abolity to control it. How it could be, I lived in this world just spending minutes, hours, days, years and times passed. It was like I lived on a circle. I moved from certain point to another one, but no matter how far I have walked, I just passed the same points again and again...

That thoughts and feelings slowly has gone after a LIGHT came into my life. A light that is given by my Rabb for me. It's the time when I see that LIFE IS SO MEANINGFUL.  Every second I pass in this life... Every single step I take in this life... and Every single breath I take... all of these can be my way to worship Allah, in order to get His ridha. This is the way I make my life be more live!

Alhamdulillah ya Allah, to bring me from the darkness into the light... to give me understanding how should I live my life... and to give me chance to live in this world. Let me take the path You have chosen for me, which will lead me to see the brighter life in this world and in the hereafter. Insya'Allah...

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View all entries from Build a New Universe by Seeking the Truth >