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November 17, 2007

We are what we eat,but are we what we wear?

He wrote down "Calvia Klein" and pointed to me ,i will be the first to write down all the words about clothes.At that time i'm the host,because of my major.

hahaha~~Christian Dior~Chanel~Vivienne Westwood~Prada~Gucci~Dolce&Gabbana~~Balenciage~Anna Sui~

I really want to introduce "John Galliano"to everyone~He is a famous fashion designer~I admire him very much,he can design costume connect all over the world.Most of the designers insist on elegant style~like Valentino~~~

We are not what we wear,don't judge person from their wears.Maybe the famous brand will take you the confidence,but don't care about the other person's sight.As long as you feel comfortable,i think it's the function of clothes. Just be yourself!~~

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