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lilin lee

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February 7, 2009

time goes by

the day have came to 0207

i must realize that 0209 is coming

with the next school term

i am to sit on my chair by  my desk

i am to meet my classmate

i am to notice my teachers

yesterday i had done my all works

next two days  i should prepare for it

relax myself


relax for it!

November 4, 2008

a challenge





October 17, 2008

in china

i must study hard

i only sleep less than 5 hours a day

we start our studies at 7.30 am and end it at 10.30pm

and we must do our schoolworks after we end classes

or do some washing

so we nearly sleep at 12.00pm

but the good student sleep at  1.00am usually

and get up at 6.30



we also have schools which is relaxing but it is for some special students。。。