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little sara

United Arab Emirates

August 17, 2007

i wish i was a bird with wings
i wish i could soar in the air
with no strings attached
fly everywhere
i wish i could fly away from all the sorrows
but i am a bird
trapped in the cage of humanity
lost in a world that doesn't know freedom
kept in a safe that is nowhere near safe
left out in the desert alone
to fight the wolves
they cut my wings and expected me to fly
they hurt me again and again
then looked for my smile
so i ask you
is this the kind of world you want to live in?
will it ever change?
will i ever find my wings?
will i ever soar into freedome?
can you answer those questions?
or are you as lost as i am?
can you tell me
if this world is real??
or is it just a nightmare that i can't wake from?
i wish i was a bird with wings
that can soar in the sky
i wish i was a bird with wings
i wish i could fly

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01:08 PM Oct 11 2007



hi little sara nice poetry teach me how to think a sentences or stanzas to write a poem make a friendship with me please dont ignore me i'am waiting for your reply.
  you can contact me on these address
            bye take care

            reply me soon

08:06 AM Sep 08 2007



hi everybody , im fatos from kosovo i wanna have chats to everyone who lieks to speak to me . love ya all