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February 24, 2011


Free Charge Home :

He was only 15 years old with a full energy and exiting  feeling  I heard that he owns a house so I was so curious  to know his story  about owning a  home at this early age,  with nig confidence  and  arrogance  he started saying  I own a house a complete home that he rules everything  inside it and owns all the home stuffs.
 He furnished his home with a modern stylish decoration  it consists of three (3) rooms detailed as a bed room, living room , a kitchen & a bathroom in addition a coffee shop and clubs are around his little house, he started to describe the bed room as  prettified  by favorite pictures ( personal photos ,musical bands, football teams , family & friends captures , places & views  photos ..ext ). It was really crowd bed room covered by pictures everywhere  his guests and visitors can always make a written comments on this photos .

Turned to the living room the preferring location at his home he can scream , shout ,express his daily feeling and thoughts without any objection “how there will be an objection while he is the owner  “ and what surprises me more that most of the visitors  that he mentioned  at  his home were supporting and encouraging  his daily shouting  by spelling different  and similar comments , I was completely impressed whispering  myself "how the hell he own such home and people in this strange world  and he is only 15 years old? I answered myself again oh he must be some rich man’s son “ his enthusiastic  voice cut myself conversation getting me back to the free charge home story , he continued  characterizing his TV room and he spell  with a loud voice  “ show time “there I put my video and music options available and the remote control is controlled by me, he followed the "kitchen"  the place where I collect my calories it expand me with more power and points I can choose my own meals  without any voice ordering like my parents do, mentioning his  meals with a “appetite “I have  a Varity  of delicious food games ,  adventure , social , ability , card , quiz , puzzle , war , combat , pets , screenshots , questions , quotes ,posting cards , dedicating flowers, & gifts , celebrating occasions and others ,I commented oh what a weird meals,  are you serious !! but he ignore my question by adding oh you know what I love about my home the “bathroom “ I used it to throw and block  those whom  I’ don’t  want them   to visit my home simply. “drawing a big smile on his face “  with a sarcastic  words saying isn’t so easy  to remove the non-useful people from your life ,here I become so confused how it could be quite simple and smooth way to remove people from your life !!  "another question without answer " , he supplement comfortably as  I described previously there’s a group of   coffee shops and  clubs around my home its  open for all and free charge as well  I spent fun time there when I pass and stay for a while then  he added sharply "this coffee shops & clubs is strong & dangerous  you can make a revolution through it   and you can change a lot of things  through it"  , I should invite you to my favorite coffee chops & clubs .Even though my house is still small but with days it will be so luxuries home like the others he "pointed" , I love my home "he added" , I spend hours and hours without feeling bored , I prefer to spent my whole day inside my home  it's quite calmly , relax in a welfare  ,magnificent ,phenomenal and  home sweet home ," I'm the king of it" , we should visit each other’s home it will be my pleasure to have you there  ,he completed his sentence by asking  me  with a big question mark on his face oh don’t you own your home ? I directly answered by checking my head no I don’t   I’m not rich like you ,he captured the word immediately  saying but most of the ordinary,  poor , middle or rich , educated & less educated people own such home ,how such an educated, open minded person like  you doesn’t own such home ??  we both stopped a moment with a Exclamation mark on our faces !! then he asked loudly don’t you have a facebook account ?? at that moment I realized his free charge home story  “an illusion home oh  he is infected  & dragged by facebooks fever ” I whispered myself,   and I answered  with a blushed face , oh yes  I own  a home  .

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02:22 AM Mar 17 2011


thank you jo ..well here thers no spring hhhha the wether is so fogy ,cloudy and rainful is falling from time to time but its a very fresh wether :)

05:52 AM Mar 14 2011



good afternoon dear friend

wish, you have a great time ahead, missing you

wish,we can meet for a chat ....

enjoy these flowers