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April 13, 2007

many college students are reluctant to face the setbacks and difficulties in life.Why?Of course they have a lot of pressure from society and family.But they should think about how to deal with it.Just want to die, they are so stupid.If you break up with someone,just tell yourself there's more fish in the sea.If you face some difficulties,just go on and let it be.

Just do what you want,let it happen.What's freedom?You are able not to do what you don't want.That's freedom.So it's not easy.life is colorful and meaningful.Do what you like now!

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02:24 AM Apr 14 2007


i just want to say what i thought, but i thought a lotTongue out

06:35 AM Apr 13 2007

Saudi Arabia

Surprisedi don't get what you want to say your english is good put you don't know what you eactually want to say you jump from one topic to another