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December 16, 2007


it is cold yesterday here,but i had to do something.Firstly i went to shop to buy some clothes ,then i went to bank of construction  for my card.lastly i went to a appointment  with my friend.

At his home,we watched the live of football match,Chinese Olympic team and American Olympic team,together.our team didn't play well really,even badly we thought . The level of American team was better than our team.so we couldn't be angry any longer,especially our team got the low level all the times.......

after that match,we talked and talked, about work, price of house,girlfriend and so on.haha.lastly we had supper at his home.

ok,that is all that i did yesterday.

best wishes to everyone!

05:31 PM Dec 24 2007


hi, nice meeting u

thanks for your comments for my blog

glad to be friends with u

December 16, 2007


i write blog in english at the third time,but i find that i like this way of describing my thinking and sensation.haha.

i think that i am not a bright person,because i don't study well when i was a student,especially english.But i keep learning english all the times ,even i work.I don't know the reason that  i like english,maybe i feel good when i write something about my life in english.anyway,it is good that i like english.haha.

best wishes to everybody!



December 14, 2007


everybody,who like exchanging with others in english ,add me,please!

msn: luliguo00@sina.com

we can improve our english by chatting in english.it is a good  usable way ,i  think. do you?

the way is suitale for every language that talk to talk by people. that is ok if we use it.

best wishes!!

language is a tool only! i like it .

08:02 PM Dec 16 2007


sorry, just make a mistake, I don't know i will come in this place. Anyway, it is very nice to see your message and hope you Good Luck Always!

 best wishes!



01:17 AM Dec 15 2007



 My heart lightened when I see this sentence: Language is a tool only !