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lulu shao

lulu shao


January 28, 2008


Re: It's me! by american56
09:36 AM Jan 28 2008
just wanted to tell you that you are absolutely gorgeous, and would love to get to know you much better. Mark...

Re: It's me! by mark-ding
09:40 AM Jan 28 2008
lu lu shao how are you!!
Re: It's me! by mark-ding
09:43 AM Jan 28 2008
ok!now ,i'm a teacher,a middle school,I am an easy-going man,and you?
Re: It's me! by fyjh84423
09:56 AM Jan 28 2008

I wanna be your friend!

FRIST,I must thank these friends.thanks for your comments.I like you,too.

but ,i am sorry, i don't know how to review yours comments.

I wanna see your blog,but I don't know how to find you.

who can tell me how can i do it? 

thank you very much!!

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