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January 12, 2008

maintain a fresh stimulus to love the creative 24
With the passage of time, at the start of fresh love and romance are slowly fading, passion has become like Wentian water, tasteless ups, added, how we can let love "fresh"? Teach you 24 strokes, and he kept you in good honey for oil, do not get any!
1, in his regular column to write comics like some of the remarks.
2, wearing goggles to him, and then took him to a new restaurant, have a meal to his word note: "salad: a kiss; main course: 8 kiss; dessert: three kiss (highly recommended Tipping ). "
3, the anniversary of some note: January 8, the birthday of Elvis Presley love songs better, June 9 to watch cartoons, Donald Duck Festival celebrations, on December 16, extended a warm welcome to symphonic Qu, because Beethoven's birth.
4, the addition of two people with learning opportunities, and yoga classes, a food class Double Thai massage……
5, for some "day of the King" and "Queen's day" lottery, drawn to the right to enjoy the 24-hour King (Queen's) treatment.
6 must be a collection of love songs sung in French, or you burn a collection of love songs and his favorite CD, play in the living room or office.
7, to give him a hug-Juxiong.
8, find a Rubik's cube, each surface recently wrote you desire, for example, to drink a best British afternoon tea to the highest revolving restaurant cities to eat, to the scene to see a ball game and listen to an opera to Broadway or…… do a romantic tips, 100 Zhang Xiaoji notes, the above ideas are, to a one week out.
9, the collection of various types of electronic love letters site, exchanging love letters every day.
10, with Wenjiemao So his cheek, as a butterfly kiss.
11, and joined him in training, wearing a tight Baba clothes, letting his heart Juetao more.
12, if you have a little dog, you want to say to him or gift hanging on in the dog and let him know that, or raising a pet, such as two representatives of your goldfish.
13, in his Yonggongbi draw circle on the calendar, but do not tell him why.
14, make a photo wall, covered with you all the time around the photo, can also imagine that he is "Playboy" photographer, you are modelling used to make point-of popular photos.
15, he found a lucky numbers printed with the shirt to him, and as much as possible and your lucky numbers into his life, such as flowers, chocolate, CD, balloons, lottery……
16, buy a case of wine, put all kinds of labels: midnight enjoyment quarrel, first kiss 101, jumping to dance, enjoy sex before……
17, the caller, with different greetings: "the world's most capable man is not here to work?
18, when their Christmas gifts, with their huge Choudai wrapped inside what not to wear.
19, love of music: Fang meet the Beatles, I have to say, you in the sixth song.
20, the first meet your collection desire to give him all the Maiji Wong Kar-wai film DVD, or a matchbox car model year, McDonald's for you the full sale of hellokitty.
21, you have used the tickets, and tourist spots, with postcards made a collage painting.
22, whether it is now or later, it wants to buy a small hammock or inflatable swimming pool.
23, after the release of each sex in a Chuxuguan money, love as a fund dedicated to buy sexy.
24, a dress, as if you are teenage girls and boys, or play a husband and wife stars, like John Lennon-Ono and son as a day to stay in bed.

January 8, 2008

A matter of the failure by no means failed, the failure is only a temporary setback, it should not be the whole person when you generate a matter of vital importance. Always maintain a positive attitude, you will leave some more recent success.

January 6, 2008

allows you to the daily well-being of 14 methods
Daily life can be happy. Happiness is not a happy feeling in our whole attitude. One day we will face all sorts of things, some of the sense of happiness does nothing to help. Those unpleasant things, we can think about it, can also do not want; those happy things, we can go to grade, can not taste - all in our own. Every day we go through a lot of things. If we let the outside world what is happening to our emotions, we will become a slave to the outside world, it is not for the outside world to control our destiny? From another point of view, we can shake off outside influence, so that our happy life together, and we can do a lot of things, let us be more happy. What is happiness? Different people have different experiences. In my view, happiness is a feeling, an inner sense of calm and satisfaction is not an anxiety, fear, no soul procession led by the idea of the dream experience. We have done what we like to do, get a win or to obtain the valuable things we believe that, at this time we feel very happy. Happiness surface appears to be "a good thing" the results, the situation is actually caused by an outside feelings. The majority of the people speaking, happiness is wavering and uncertain, because their life is always subject to outside influence. The best way to maintain well-being is through the day-to-day inner calm **; peace of mind, it's easy to develop a impulsively choice happiness habits. Here are a few for your information, do these, we will let you increase the daily life of happiness. First, to change the angle of view of the matter is always good side. Do not dwell on negative thoughts or difficult things. Secondly, if a solution to the problem, do not think about old problems in itself. Third, relax and listen to some inspiring music. Fourth, you often see the added comedy, comedy or crosstalk. Fifth, the daily release time encouraging reading a few pages of books or articles. Sixth, the vigilance ideological trends. Once you think of the bad things that they should stop, go forward happy about. Seventh, think more about their own things done, not to have not done things. The morning, do you want a good day to complete a few things to the evening you will feel very unhappy or frustrated because the morning you plan things were not done. Think of those things done, of course, not those who did not cause things. One day you might do in a lot of things, but there are several small things were not done, your emotions will be very much affected. This is your very unfair. Eighth,. All day doing something good, it could be trivial, such as yourself Buy books, eat their favorite food, a look at their favorite TV shows or movies, walking in the streets, and so on. Ninth, at least do something every day to let others happy about. Can be short, warm the hearts of our colleagues, and can also be stopped in the road before the car for pedestrians, it can also be a vehicle for others in the bus Parks, or to the people you like a little gift. You let other people happy when you are happy, others will try to let you happy. 10, always looked forward to the arrival of happiness. 11, not jealous of those happy people. On the contrary, it should be for the well-being of others are happy. 12, and happy people contacts and learn from them, and make our own happiness. Remember, happiness is infected. 13, when things were not expected to be in accordance with the plan, some detached attitude. You would detached calm, you will control emotions. Detached is not unsympathetic, but good bad accept this mentality will be balanced. Detachment and the inner calm that, there will be a peaceful inner happiness at all. 14, and more laughter. As the saying goes, laugh, 10 years less.