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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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September 23, 2009
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Hi my friends

sorry for dely , Eid mubarak to all.

عید سعید فطر را به شما تبریک عرض می کنم

طاعات و عبادات شما قبول


10:34 AM Sep 23 2009



to you too

July 1, 2009
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I was here , but i didn't have time to do somethings here or chated to you my friends.

may God bless us.

March 16, 2009
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                            happy new year,

                              سال نو را به شما تبریک عرض می کنم

                  *********عید شما مبارک **********


03:58 AM Apr 01 2009

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Happy to you

Thanks my friends , God blest us

07:13 AM Mar 31 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Happy new year to you too, dear freindSmile

I wish successful days to you.


01:48 AM Mar 31 2009

United Arab Emirates

Happy New Year , Good to seee you my friend.

I invoke that you have a good year with happiness and blessing. Insha ALLAH.

یحفظکم الله

Ask ALLAH keep you.

01:33 PM Mar 27 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thank you very much.

As the New Year dawns may it open up for you more opportunities,lead you onto the path of continued success, happiness and prosperity.