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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

July 14, 2016
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its been 3 years since the last time i came here:) very very long time.

this year was nearly a disaster.i had central exam for entering univesrity and today was the day.all this year all i could imagine was a perfect life after exam but now im looking,theres no diffrence at all.

i guess the only way to change my life into what i really love is changing myself immediatly:) and i have a long long way to go and i think its gonna be very difficult since the way ive chosen for my life is extremely odd to everone (my parents,friends ,teachers...)

i have chosen to put my all into studying physics.even the slightest chance to success encourages me to do it.even if its a wrong decision, im going to take any consequences.

i want to start my life working hard for my dreams. and tomorrow is the first day of my new life. i want to change everything step by step.no matter what people would think or how judgmental they would be.

hello new me:)

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