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August 13, 2007

 it is a fine day, however i have quitted my job for more than 20 days.

   i  always wish that i could have much time to enjoy myself, however , once i am in this sutiation, i feel very tired, all friends are on their work, and have no sense of doing anything.

  so , now i want to look for a new job, i should change my present life style, also i should take some person into my account, maybe i should give him a chance andalso give me a chance.

 hehe, ok, ithat's all , today!


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12:57 AM Aug 14 2007



I wish u luck. But considering the situation, well, for me, in my point view, one mustn't bother with it. I mean with works or jobs, though, one need to have a job in order to go on living.