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August 8, 2007

From a student to a worker,  the most thing trouble me is my weak oral english.  I can understand what they say, but I can't have a talk with them.   O my god!   If you have the same trouble , or if you have good method to help me .  Please contact to me .   Tongue out 

06:28 AM Aug 10 2007


hi it is the same problem with me

04:26 PM Aug 09 2007



i understand what you mean. the only way, i think, is to listen as much as possible. the more u listen, the more u speak. this is what i do.

02:45 PM Aug 09 2007


Hi May,

I believe there's only one thing: Practicing and practicing.  If you have a teacher or someone who teaching you, this is great. But this is only 50%. The other 50% is with you.

If you really want to learn English or other as a second language, you may have to practice everyday, seeing websites, reading and listening podcasts, for example.

I decided to learn English about some months ago and dicovered this website, too.

 There's many websites that can help you improve. One of my best sites is www.eslpod.com. A website that you can listen your lesson by podcasts.

As you see, I'm still learning English, too, and there's many things to learn.

See you my friend.


10:37 AM Aug 09 2007


yea it's a real problem, but for me it's difficult to understand other speaking, sometimes they are talking so quickly and being too hard to concentrate what they are saying.

I hope I can get rid of this problem asp.

thank you