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November 10, 2008

It was great... I met all my secondary classmates. After dismiss, we went to play snooker. I do not how to play only my friends played.

Once i get the photos i will post it and share with you.

Time is going fast, so i have to move on and on. I always talk to myself dun give up n do the best in your jobs.

Yet, sometime i will feel hard because i ignorant on many things. Therefore, i have to put more effort and work harder to get the good outcome. 

 I wana have my lunch with my colleagues at 1pm soon. Bye take care to all my frens.

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09:10 PM Nov 10 2008



My friend, just attending a wedding, really so many felings, ah, Oh,hehe  I have a lot of students also recently married, how time fly is!