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November 17, 2008

I felt tired After worked. I drove back to home quickly and took my bath. Then, I had a dinner without drinking my favorite coffee. Because i already promise myself one day only can take a cup of coffee.

My first time to booked the Airasia tickets for 3 persons which will go to Kota Kinabalu. After that, I felt very headache so i went to sleep for a while. When i wake up is already 11:45pm. Oh my godness, i have not think about 10 activities for Rakan Muda Chinese plan. Therefore, i got to start thinking now.

Tonight, i have no enough time to do my English homework but i will do it by tomorrow.

I always remind myself.  I won't give up easily. I will do my best and perform well. Especially i do not want to disappointed my boss (Eddie) and (Nicky) who give me a lot of chance in my career now.

"May to Keep Going & To Concentrate What You Are Doing Now."

Bye, I hope all my dearest friends here also can get what she or he want and need. 

Take Care. Have a nice day

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